2019 COCA-I Young Professional Leaders

Webinar Series

Why Not? 20 Kookie Ideas at Camp

Jack Schott
Wed, Oct 30, 2019 4:00 PM - 5:00 PM EDT

One time we tried no bedtimes… It was a disaster. This will be a thought-provoking look at different ways of approaching problems and opportunities. We will move rapidly through 20 ideas that have worked for us, and move quickly enough that you won’t get stuck listening to an idea that doesn’t work for you. Innovation starts with the understanding that we might fail, and the faster we can learn the faster we get better. Let’s get better together. You will leave fired up, with a couple of ideas you might love, and a few that you think are crazy, but it won’t be boring..


Email: Jack@campstompingground.org

More Than Playing With Kids: How to Tell the Story of Camp - Ruby Compton

Looking for donations? Recruiting staff? Convincing a hesitant parent to send their child to camp? Need to occupy a few minutes with campers in between activities? In all of these scenarios, we can better connect with our audience through stories. During this webinar, participants will learn a simple six-step process that will make their storytelling richer and more effective. This webinar is designed to help camp staff, from counselors to executive directors, understand the structure of a great story--be it one-sentence marketing elevator pitch or a 30-minute adventurous tale told around a campfire during evening program. 


Camp Staff Appreciation: A Step-By-Step Plan - Sarah  Kurtz McKinnon

Campers should leave at the end of the summer thinking that they had the best summer of their lives...and so should the staff! However, this result doesn’t just “happen.” It is up to camp leaders to create an execute a staff appreciation plan so that camp staff and volunteers know that they are valued.

In this webinar, Sarah will teach participants a myriad of staff appreciation techniques as well as show how and when to institute them. Participants will gain tools to help them prevent burnout, inspire their staff members and show gratitude for everything they do. This in turn will enhance the camp experience for everyone involved!


60 Minutes - 50 Activities with Jack Schott

Join Jack on a whirlwind trip through 50+ outrageous activities you can do this summer with mostly the supplies you already have. Ideas like Dreamworld, Make Your Own Backpack, and Whale Wrestling. Fun, memories and unique experiences drive impact, connection, and mission, but they don't always have to cost a ton of money. Jack will fly through activities he has seen work and inspire you to run more silly, weird, and innovative experiences at your camp this summer.

Constantly searching and sharing great ideas, Jack is a summer camp director, consultant, and founder of Camping Coast to Coast. Jack is always seeking to learn from camps and has visited over 100 from New York to California. He is a passionate speaker, presenting and sharing at camps and conferences across the US and Canada. Jack is fascinated by play, pushing the limits to always trust young people more and creating environments where kids are trusted and empowered to just be.


Email: Jack@campstompingground.org

So now what?!? Unpacking your summer to set your sights on next year - Scott Arizala

Scott's webinar dives into what happens after camp.

This webinar is designed to help you avoid the on/off switch of summer camp.  The best summer camp experience starts right now, with thoughtful evaluation and assessment, intentional goal setting and planning, and steady execution.  Scott shares strategies and industry best practices for implementing your action plan and for smooth sailing into next summer! 

Scott Arizala - The Camp Counselor

Cracking Kids’ Secret Code: Hear What You’re Missing - Dr. Chris Thurber

All young people speak two versions of their native tongue: Words and Meaning. Most adults hear the words, but how often do you stop to decode the subtext? It takes practice, but it is the fastest way to cultivate the kinds of respectful relationships that increase compliance and decrease behavior problems. In this interactive webinar, participants will discuss deceptively simple dialogue to practice listening, decoding, and providing genuine empathy. Together, these advanced techniques form the cornerstone of healthy connections with the young people you serve.

Dr. Christopher Thurber is devoted to educating leaders using innovative content that stirs thinking and compels action. A graduate of Harvard University and the University of California at Los Angeles, Chris has served as a psychologist and instructor at Phillips Exeter Academy since 1999.

An entrepreneur from a young age, Chris is the co-founder of ExpertOnlineTraining.com, the Internet’s most popular library of educational videos for youth leaders. He has been invited to deliver keynotes, contribute articles, and lead workshops at schools and camps on five continents. His award-winning preparatory resource for families, The Summer Camp Handbook, was recently translated into Mandarin to help launch the youth camp movement in China. A proud father of two boys (Danilo, born 2002, and Sava, born 2004) Chris and his wife Simonida (a chemist and musician who grew up in Belgrade, Serbia) live in New Hampshire, in the northeast United States. You can learn more about Chris and access all of his articles, book chapters, videos, and podcasts on DrChrisThurber.com.

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